The launch went well, and we got some great feedback from a wide range of people. There were a lot of requests for more datasheets, some great ideas regarding how the snipping functionality should work, requests for Google login, and a whole host of other suggestions and bug reports. The request that seemed to come up most was the ability to upload your own documents and datasheets to use in the service.

So, after two weeks of scrabbling around trying to figure out how best to do this we have launched the Upload functionality today! Check out the new Uploads tab in your dashboard.

Screenshot of upload functionality

You can now upload documents, take snippets from them and share them as you would any other datasheet. If you share a snippet from a document you uploaded with someone it will automatically share the whole document with them. There’s no limit to your upload size, but you must upload PDF documents only.

Christmas is coming, so we don’t know how much we’ll get out in the next couple of weeks, but hopefully there will be some smaller updates to follow soon.