So the Alpha┬áis going well, people seem to like what we’re doing here so that’s great. We’ve pushed a few new versions and hopefully ironed out a few issues, but its time for some new features.

First off we’ve added the ability for to remember where you last were. It annoyed us that every time I came back to a datasheet I had to find the page I was looking for again. We’ve reduced the number of times we have to come back to a datasheet via the snippets functionality, but it still irritates us that when we come back to the datasheet we have to find where we last were. So now the site remembers the page you were on and brings you right back to that page when you reopen the datasheet!

Most importantly though we’ve added snippet sharing capability. So you can now share a snippet with another member or invite a new user into the system by sharing a snippet with them. We’ve created full access control a lot like you see on Google Docs and other services:

Snippet access controls

We can now collaborate in a much better fashion than before. I can quickly snip an example circuit, doodle on it with the annotation tools and then share that snippet with other members of my team. I can even make snippets public to the world, so I can share my knowledge or implementation details with others. Hopefully this feature will come in really useful for FAEs and AEs from manufacturers as well as for you in your engineering teams.